It is said that there lived an ugly woman named Dong Shi in the neighborhood. A lesser used but more modern nickname for a dog of this breed is the Chrysanthemum Dog, an English notion originating in the 1930s. Xi Shi was always known for her beauty ever since she was a little girl. Zhou Yang as Xi Shi in 2005. According to descriptions in Chinese literature, Xi Shi’s beauty was not only natural, but also perfect. During Xi Shi’s time Yue state was defeated by the state Wu, ruled by the emperor Fu Chai. Xi Shi was from the state of Yue which was vanquished by the state of Wu. Dong Zhizhi as Xi Shi in 1983. Xi Shi appears in the wuxia short story by Jin Yong (Louis Cha), "Sword of the Yue Maiden". Her father was a firewood peddler and her mother a weaver. About the story of Xi Shi, one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China. Jiang Qinqin as Xi Shi in 1995. Xi Shi was born in the State of Yue in a mountain village in what is known today as eastern China’s Zhejiang Province. The Shih Tzu is often a synonym with “Xi Shi quan”, a term originating from the name of Xi Shi who was said to be the most beautiful woman in ancient China. Xi Shi is a historic celebrity, through her story; there are numerous television programs and movies around this legend. Legend has it that whenever Xi Shi washed her clothes by the river, all fish sank to the bottom - they were so captivated by her beauty. Yue’s ruler Gou Juan was thrown in jail for three years and his state was merged with Wu. Details Title: 西施秘史/ Xi shi mi shi, English title: The Legend of Xi Shi, Genre: Historical, romance, Episodes: 41, Broadcast network:, Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-11 The king of Yue was forced to serve the prince of Wu for three years. In the legend, after the fall of Wu, Fan Li (范蠡) retired from his ministerial post and lived with Xi Shi on a fishing boat, ... Xi Shi is mentioned in the novel Journey to the West, as a sign of grace and beauty. According to legend, the king of Yue and his advisers thought of a way to beat Wu and it is widely known that the prince of Wu was a sucker for pretty women. Idiom : Dong Shi imitates a frown.

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