Arabic is an evolved form of another language. II. It is at least 3,000 years old. Oldest Languages Still In Use Today Hebrew. Hebrew: While many believe that Hebrew has been used for the last 5000 years, its earliest written examples date only to 1000BC. So the Hebrew Language has been influenced heavily by Arabic Language in the expressions and arithmetic. They both evolved from the Aramaic alphabet, an alphabet which existed some 2800 years ago. ... Arabic is the sacred-language of Islam and the national language of … It has several names such as Old Hebrew, Paleo-Hebrew, and it represents the oldest form of the language. The Hebrew And Arabic Alphabets (Abjads) And How They’re Pronounced. The written origins of the language have been traced back to 1250 BC in the late Shang dynasty. Standard Biblical Hebrew: This period represents the bulk of the Old Testament as it contains sections from the books of … Hebrew is the only living-Canaanite language that is still being used by more than 9million people worldwide. Writers and readers of Aramaic, a group trained for political, commercial […] The Hebrew and and the Arabic scripts are related. Modern Hebrew is almost identical to Biblical Hebrew. The origin of the Hebrew language to a large extent is a mixture between Arabic and Canaanite Languages. Along with Tamil, Chinese is one of the oldest surviving languages in the world. Approximately three thousand years ago, Aramaic speakers were mainly located in the Near East. It's like old English v.s modern English. PROVE THAT THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL LIVED BEFORE ISAAC, THEN THE HEBREW LANGUAGE WOULD BE REGARDED OLDER THAN ARABIC. So the original language that is now Arabic (possibly Aramaic) may be older. It is among the oldest written languages in the world. Hebrew is a Northwest-Semitic language that is native to Israel. It lasted until the 6th century BC. Aramaic is the oldest continuously spoken and written language in the Middle East, even older than written Hebrew and Arabic. While Hebrew is considered a Poor and third grade language because it was derived from Canaanite, Aramaic ( second Grade languages). Today, Hebrew and Arabic writing look quite different, though. “ interesting fact search for what the word Aramaic means (you’ll not find a meaning for it but only in Arabic, and it means people of highlands or high coming from the word عارم which is an Arabic word). The Hebrew language has evolved very little since its original state.

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