Usually one removes one strand of the yarn from the packet of wool embroidery yarn after cutting the yarn into about 18 inch lengths. The first time I used a wool yarn that wasn’t truly “crewel” weight. “Crewel” in the sense of embroidery first appeared in print in the late 1500s, although crewelwork was undoubtedly being made before this period. The difference this creates is the texture and appearance of the embroidery pieces. This technique is at least a millennium old, and can be found on decorative objects such as tapestries and curtains, as well as luxury clothing. It worked out well though because I was able to practice my design first. Crewel yarn is a fine 2-ply yarn of wool or, less often, a wool-like acrylic. Crewel embroidery, or crewelwork uses wool for the thread, but it uses the same types of stitches general hand embroidery uses. In 17th-century England, crewel embroidery was used to embellish household items like bed curtains and covers. Crewel embroidery or crewelwork is a traditional form of embroidery known for its large and bold designs made unique by the specific type of yarn used in the embroidery. The word ‘crewel’ is an old word that refers to the yarn itself ; a two-ply wool thread called crewel, from where the name for […] Crewel or crewelwork embroidery is characterized by the use of thick wool instead of delicate threads, as in other types of embroidery. I am often asked what the difference is between Tapestry and Crewel Cross Stitch Kits… so I thought I would try and address this / pass on some advice in this post.. Finishing this program will certainly be a great accomplishment, but it … Both of the yarns we use in our kits are 100% British Wool - spun and dyed by Appleton Wool … Crewel is a type of embroidery which uses wool yarns rather than silk threads for the embroidery. The crewel style has a distinct look thanks to its signature wool thread and massive variety of stitches. Crewel V Tapestry Wool What are the differences? Appleton's Crewel Wool Appletons have been producing tapestry and crewel wool for almost 200 years, made to the highest quality from UK sourced and spun wool. Crewel Work A beautiful piece of crewel work I found at the thrift store. Embroidery floss or stranded cotton is a loosely twisted, slightly glossy 6-strand thread, usually of cotton but also manufactured in silk, linen, and rayon. Cotton floss is the standard thread for cross-stitch. Their unique colour palette ranges from those used by William Morris to newer shades introduced for today’s designers. Fine wool was also used in historical embroidery; the first use of the word “crewel” dates back to 1494, when it was used to refer to the wool yarns used in crewelwork. The technique worked nicely with the Jacobean-style designs of the era. I was afraid they would fail me for not following directions.

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