We are currently using discord to talk. - I have multiple times replugged the xlr cable and it doesnt seem like that has any effect. ☛ Record Discord audio by using RecMaster. I don't have the money to buy gaming headset I have Audio technical M40x and it is plug into my audio interface. Mac audio or PreSonus audio interface works just fine so it seems it's an issue with Focusrite. Around every 30-ish minutes, my friends tell me that my microphone is making a cracking sound. It's a bummer, I scaled up for any future recording I mant want to get into with friends, but originally I wanted to get 2i2 for playing RPG games on Discord with my friends as a Bard (mic+miced Uke as lute substitute). Mic makes "cracking" sound when using an audio interface with Discord I am currently using a Shure PGA48 XLR microphone plugged into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo to talk in Discord. Since you have a general understanding of the audio recorder, now let’s get back to the point. Currently I am low on budget to buy new things, like gaming headsets. Why can't I use USB audio interface. Related articles Optimising your PC for Audio … If i just re plug the scarlet interface then it doesnt seem to work. Moreover, it also supports scheduled audio by using the task schedule function which means you can preset the recording duration and then it will automatically start. Step 1: Set-up Discord audio recorder PC: I've used a few audio interfaces (most recently a Presonus Firestudio Mobile via Firewire, and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6g1. All my PC's sound goes through a M-Audio Fast Track interface and I use a Sure SM57 as a chat mic. Also I have a condenser mic which also is plug onto my audio interface. Hello! Using pro Mics through USB interface not working I've seen a lot of people complaining in the past but I haven't seen any solutions. A friend and I are trying to start a podcast, but the thing is they live in a different state. I've basically given up on Discord voice on my Mac. - I have to log out and close discord, then un plug and re plug back in the audio interface usb then log back into discord it sometimes fixes itself but often comes back 20 min later. Eventually both broke enough that I've stopped using them. I am trying to get Audition to record both of our voices as separate tracks. Discord are aware of an issue with their app on Mac that can cause audio problems, please see this article from the Discord Help Centre for updates. Both have given me a ton of issues from crashing to Discord not wanting to work with either of them.

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