Skeletal Fluorosis is a chronic bone and joint disease caused by long term consumption of fluoride.. As fluoride accumulates in the bones it begins to negatively alter processes of bone formation and resorption- affecting the entire skeleton().Gradually bones become weaker and more brittle, while joints increase in pain and stiffness due to skeletal changes. Endemic skeletal fluorosis is a chronic metabolic bone and joint disease caused by ingesting large amounts of fluoride either through water or rarely from foods of endemic areas. All Answers (5) 15th Jan, 2015. In skeletal fluorosis the bones are generally weaker than normal with stiffness and pain in … 2 Recommendations. Severe forms of skeletal fluorosis results in marked disability. Fluoride is a cumulative toxin which can alter accretion and resorption of bone tissue. It also affects the homeostasis o … Mudhir Sabir Shekha. In advanced cases, skeletal fluorosis causes painful damage to bones and joints. What Is Skeletal Fluorosis? Non-skeletal forms of fluorosis are earlier manifestations, which develop long before the onset of typical changes in teeth and skeletal bones these are seen as gastro-intestinal symptoms and may overlap with other diseases leading to misdiagnosis. The number of cases of coal-burning-type skeletal fluorosis has been estimated to be 1.5 million. Skeletal fluorosis is a serious condition, resulting from chronic ingestion of large amounts of fluoride over many years during periods of bone modeling (growth) and/or remodeling. Typically an increase of bone density was found, the compact part of long bones was coarsed, there were calcifications of the interosseous membrane between radius and ulna and some ossifications of the sacrospinal and sacrotuberous ligaments. Registered users can save articles, searches, and manage email alerts. Skeletal fluorosis is a bone disease caused by excessive accumulation of fluoride leading to weakened bones. • During later stages, calcification of the bones takes place, osteoporosis in long bones, and symptoms of osteosclerosis where the bones become denser and develop abnormal crystalline structure. Skeletal Fluorosis. All registration fields are required. Skeletal Fluorosis • Early stages of skeletal fluorosis start with pain in bones and joints, muscle weakness, sporadic pain, stiffness of joints and chronic fatigue. Skeletal abnormalities were evaluated by using X-ray skiagraphy, estimating the Stage I–III of the skeletal fluorosis. Cite.

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