For their 2020 Arbor Day project, members of the Kelso Garden Club decided to donate a Raywood ash tree to Riverside Park in Lexington. Kelso Garden Club … A good street tree that, with age, provides considerable shade. Question: How far away from the foundation of my home should I plant a Raywood ash tree? An attractive, some say fast growing deciduous tree with an upright growth habit and open canopy. Raywood Ash, botanical name Fraxinus oxycarpa 'Raywood,' is a Mediterranean native that can grow to be a large tree with a round-headed form, so it is capable of providing the right amount of summer shade! I will be planting them about 15 feet from the house. Raywood ash trees (Fraxinus oxycarpa "Raywood") look like the lollipop trees you drew when you were in first grade. While it has many desirable attributes, including freedom from some of the pests affecting other ash species, Currently, I have several ‘Raywood’ ash trees that have been fantastic, and have exceeded all my expectations by a long shot. Will it be invasive to the foundation? Plant as a single specimen, in a grove for more widespread shade or seasonal shading on hotter south and west exposures.The bold round-headed form is perfect to cast summer shade. How to Prune a Raywood Ash Tree. Raywood ash - distance from foundation? Raywood Ash (Fraxinus oxycarpa ‘Raywood’) – we love the fall colors this deciduous tree brings to the landscape. This is a beautiful tree with stunning autumn colours, tolerant of frost and drought. Dark green foliage turns attractive wine red in fall. Raywood Ash is a bright source of autumn color and super drought hardy. Raywood ash (Fraxinus angustifolia ‘Raywood’) is widely planted in parks, along streets, in lawns, and as a shade tree. It was just delivered and measures 10-feet tall. Producing the darkest green foliage of all Ash varieties, during the fall, it transforms into a large tree dominated by It will be The foliage is deep green and narrow in summer and as autumn approaches, turns a rich claret colour, hence the name.

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