This is in Brooklyn. 88. Average starting salary for NP here is 95-110,000. 95k about 6-7 years ago. I’d imagine $70k to an NP is the something similar to $17/hr for LPN working at CVS minute clinic? My FNP and PNP friends are making closer to 90K. This would include with being on-call. In Hawaii they make less or about the same as floor nurses at my hospital. report. I live in a high cost of living area, and NPs start at 92k at my specific hospital. I am trying to figure out what my best options are in terms of job opportunities & salary in the NJ/NY area. One of my teachers in nursing school went on to be a Psychiatric NP and starting rate was a little over 100k I believe. hide. Can anybody give me some information on PMHNP salary and job opportunities? Years of Experience: 5 Location: Iowa Job satisfaction (1-10): 9 Jumped to 65k, 75k about 10 years ago. But then the hospital we both initially worked for was hiring NPs in cardiothoracic surgery and the starting salary was $120k. I make that as a floor nurse. Rural Oregon, small ER, averages 34 pts/day across all shifts. This is a platform designed to inform and unite the NP community. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education , certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Negotiating for what you are worth is key. I lived in a county in southern Iowa that literally had NO stoplights (in the WHOLE county people- literally) but we had a few docs, DO’s, PA’s, and NPs come thru and get thru their 3 years At this county hospital to get the loans forgiven . The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I wonder if since your floor nurse salary is so high wherever you are, maybe the starting salaries for NPs are higher than average? I see about ten people per shift give or take, so about one an hour. Wife is AGNP in that area and demand is very high for her specialty as well as PMHNP. Psych NP new grad positions are being offered in my area starting 150-180. Floor nurses here start out at 88,000 and after 3 months make over 100,000. New grads in Mpls/St.Paul starting around 125k in ambulatory or inpt settings. What kind of facilities? I would say yes there are. I got told by an RN she wouldn't become a DNP because they make the same amount as an RN and you'd just be in debt. Check out indeed and take a look at jobs that advertise salaries. Negotiating for what you are worth is key. Jails? I'm a NP student in NYC. They can lowball your salary at private practices bc there’s such an inflation of FNPs that ppl are willing to accept ridiculously low offers just to escape bedside‍♀️, Work in NYC and my starting salary was over 90k as a RN, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. As someone on this board has mentioned before, the salary floor for an NP is the salary ceiling for an RN. Also, it depends on your specialty. I also live in Ohio and one of our NPs said she made more as a long time (10+ years) floor nurse than she currently does as an NP. share. Press J to jump to the feed. my sister started in a public hospital in Queens (but salary is standard across HHC) with ~$36 starting, but after 1 year moved to NY Presbyterian and was making 105k annually with differential. Look on Glassdoor, you might find a more specific answer for your area of interest. They can lowball your salary at private practices bc there’s such an inflation of FNPs that ppl are willing to accept ridiculously low offers just to escape bedside‍♀️. I do know in Iowa, we have state and county hospitals where you can work for 3 years after graduation (and maybe make only the 70-80 range) and usually are covering ER and outlying clinic duty - but after 3 years the government will erase or forgive a ton of your student loans. PMHNP seems to pay about $75/80/hr depending on job and benefits package. I make 60ish a year at a neighboring hospital. Not all do, but enough do to give you an idea. I am in psych, heading towards my psych DNP. I have been a nurse for 2 years now, and live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. 86. My wife is an ANP, cardiology private practice. Salary definitely varies by region, but esp by specialty. Set up an alert and look at them every week or so. And as a lot of programs, mine does little to help you find a preceptor. I am having so much trouble finding accurate information on starting NP salaries in any specialty. That big a raise after three months? I live in Florida and made $129k in an administration role in a hospital last year with my NP. Today I make 178k per year, with a good benefits package that I know is costing them. Private hospitals? HAPPY. If you’re working on a RVU system or in private practice you could expect 140-160k. Full-time employee, 9 hour shifts, average 3-5 weekly, just go whenever scheduled basically. While salaries for these advanced practice nurses will vary from region to region in the U.S., there are also some salary differences based on area of specialty. The salary for my first NP job 19 1/2 years ago was 50k per year, with benefits, kinda funny now. I’m still going to school because I’m thinking long term. Wherever one finds a physician in a clinical setting, a nurse practitioner (with training and little oversight) may also be found. Maybe somewhere cost of living is very low? Work in NYC and my starting salary was over 90k as a RN Proud to celebrate Nurse Practitioner Week! The NPs starting at my hospital make around 115ish and many senior nurses make more them. I would think if you are willing to drive or move you shouldn’t have problems making more than that. Asking for advice, practice information, the job market, and general banter is encouraged! New grad ER Nurse Practitioner. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I know I can’t do beside for 40 years, so what’s next, where do I see my future. Changed positions to work in hospice because I wanted a clinical role and make $94k, but my job satisfaction is FAR greater. I could be wrong but I think if you’re working outpatient in a doctor’s office you’re going to be on the lower end of the salary spectrum. Going rate seems to be about $70/hr give or take (after 1-3yrs experience). Not all do, but enough do to give you an idea. I worked with a nurse who became an NP and started working in a primary care office, and she started out at $80k. One had to take a pay cut and the other had offers either about the same or slightly higher than her RN salary. A sub for discussion and witty banter on nursing related topics. What are the benefits of going for your DNP? Probably won’t get an answer here; go check on the allnurses website, I’m in CA, DNPs tend to make similar to bedside. Makes $130k/year. So, in the experience of colleagues of mine, salary has been an issue because they were RNs with 20+ years experience and the salaries to prove it. The average Nurse Practitioner salary in New York, NY is $132,921 as of October 28, 2020, but the range typically falls between $123,339 and $144,396. Also I think the pay will catch up to the education. My NP salary started at $100K and has increased to $120 in the last 5 years - things are looking good for us. PMHNP seems to pay about $75/80/hr depending on job and benefits package.

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