The work of the six creative periods will be represented. Hast thou partaken of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, of which we commanded thee not to partake? Were it open to the public, it would probably invite mockery. Divide the light from the darkness. They save us now and they exalt us hereafter, if we will honor them. We encourage readers to be circumspect about bringing up these things when engaged in discussion with practicing Mormons. Evolution of the Mormon Temple Ceremony: 1842-1990: Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner: Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry: Price: $6.00: Date: 1990 (Updated in 2005) Pages: 184: Additional Info: Includes the Complete Text of the 1990 Endowment Ceremony and a Study of All the Recent Changes. The realization of these blessings depends upon your faithfulness. (The Veil is now parted and the Lord takes the patron by the right hand, and pulls him gently through the Veil into the Celestial Room.). The Original Endowment . There is none who dares to molest, or make afraid. ELOHIM: Lucifer, what hast thou been doing here? It’s a ceremony that only makes sense to Mormons. ELOHIM: Jehovah, man is now organized, and we will put into him his spirit, the breath of life, that he may become a living soul. LUCIFER: It is an emblem of my power and Priesthoods. Adam and Eve, both clad in animal skins, are shown hurriedly exiting the garden of Eden amidst a storm. ADAM: Eve, I see that this must be. You must eat of this fruit so as to comprehend that everything has its opposite: good and evil, virtue and vice, light and darkness, health and sickness, pleasure and pain—thus your eyes will be opened and you will have knowledge. JEHOVAH: Let cherubim and a flaming sword be placed to guard the way of the Tree of Life, lest Adam and Eve put forth their hands and partake of the fruit thereof, and live forever in their sins. Church leaders did … Former temple-going members who have left the LDS Church, on the other hand, often view their oath as invalid or non-binding. THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE: ENTRANCE TO THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM, (The curtain at the front of the endowment room is now drawn aside to reveal the Veil. Adam raises his hands above his head as he prays.). PETER: I cannot. They are now ready to converse with the Lord through the Veil. NARRATOR: Brethren and sisters the garment that was placed upon you in the washing room is to cover your nakedness and represents the coat of skins spoken of. We will place this list upon the altar, and request the faith of those present in behalf of these persons. This is our report. JEHOVAH: It is well, Peter, James, and John. ), ELOHIM: Each of you bring your right arm to the square. (All patrons stand up.) Call your labors the Fourth day, and bring me word. ), (Adam obeys the command, and is shown with foliage in front of him which conceals his body from view. The endowment provides instruction, covenants, and promised blessings that offer power, purpose, and protection in daily life. (Lucifer goes in search of Eve and hears a lamb bleating. Instruct Peter, James, and John further, to give unto them the Law of Chastity, and put them under covenant to obey this law, which is, that the daughters of Eve, and the sons of Adam shall have no sexual relations except with their husbands or wives to whom they are legally and lawfully wedded. (The Officiator, again at the altar, demonstrates the sign as the description is given.). ELOHIM: It is well. THE TERRESTRIAL WORLD, NARRATOR: We now enter the Terrestrial World. We shall go away, but we shall visit you again and give you further instructions. PATRON: I will, through the Veil—Health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and in the sinews, power in the Priesthood be upon me, and upon my posterity through all generations of time, and throughout all eternity. ADAM: I hear their voices, they are coming. Place the cap on your head with the bow over the right ear, replace the apron, tie the girdle with the bow on the right side, remove the slippers from your feet, and put them on again as part of the temple clothing. JEHOVAH: It shall be done, Elohim. (Jehovah turns, and approaches Peter, James and John.) PETER: A couple will now come to the altar. You must eat some of the fruit of that tree. Command the beasts, the fowls, the fishes, the insects, all creeping things, and other forms of animal life to multiply in their respective elements, each after its kind, and every kind of vegetation to multiply in its sphere, that every form of life may fill the measure of its creation, and have joy therein. Cast Satan out of their midst. Place the robe on your left shoulder. We will now make the Sign of the Second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood. The remainder of the Endowment is conducted from an audio recording.). LUCIFER: Well, Adam, you have a new world here. We give you dominion over all these things, and make you, Adam, Lord over the whole earth, and all things on the face thereof. ELOHIM: It is well. Before doing this we desire to impress upon your minds the sacred character of the First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, with its name and sign, as well as that of all the other tokens of the Holy Priesthood, with their names and signs, which you will receive in the temple this day. JEHOVAH: Michael, we will divide the light from the darkness, and call the light “day," and the darkness “night." What do you think of this teaching? Jehovah, we have been down to Adam and Eve and their posterity in the Terrestrial World, and have given unto them the Law of Consecration, and have caused them to receive it by covenant. This is the sign. ELOHIM: If any of you have not received this token, you will please raise your hand. Elohim—Peter, James, and John have been down to Adam and Eve and their posterity in the Telestial World, have cast Satan out of their midst, and have done all else that they were commanded to do. In this sacred ceremony, Church members make covenants “to keep the law of obedience, the law of sacrifice, the law of the gospel, the law of chastity, and the law of consecration” (David A. Bednar, “Prepared to Obtain Every Needful Thing,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2019, 103). This is the sign. We will call our labors the First Day, and return and report. The name of this Token is "the Son", meaning the Son of God. Come Michael, let us go down. ELOHIM: It is well. This is the sign. At this part of the ritual a number of people are talking at the same time in a low tone of voice.

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