My long awaited Sew In Style Thread Catcher pattern is finally finished and has just been pushed from the nest. I’m back with another DIY or Buy, this time featuring pin cushion thread catcher patterns. The Oh-So-Practical Detachable Pincushion: Woo-Hoo! Here’s my free pin cushion pattern and tutorial [photo from Merriment Design] [via Prudent Baby] [tags]sewing, tutorial, thread, catcher, pincushion, pin[/tags] The first step in this macrame dream catcher tutorial is to grab your ring and wrap your yarn or your thick thread around it.. I am betting that all of you are going to love making your own Thread Catchers, and then, you are going to make them as gifts for people that you care about. Thread catchers act as little trashcans for your stray threads and empty spools and you can set them wherever you happen to be working …sewing machine, sofa, you name it. Brilliant! It seems impossible to make just one! Leanne from The Stitching Room shows how to make this cute pieced fabric basket. It’s just the right size to use as a thread catcher. You, too, can make your very own Thread Catcher! Trust me, if you like to sew, this guy is going to become your new best friend. Go to the tutorial. Kathy from Merriment Design shows how to make a handy thread catcher pincushion that you can hang off the side of your sewing table. When the knot is secure, wrap the yarn around the ring. It’s just the right size to use as a thread catcher. I am SO doing the Happy Dance! Here are the steps in detail: Using your yarn, make a knot on your metal or wooden ring. It’s made from 8 strips of fabric, making this a great “scrap bag” project. Lets's hope that it has wings!

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