I recommend the Victorinox Spartan. Learn how your comment data is processed. Courts have streamlined the laws so that residents can carry knives in public places such as bus terminals and airports. However, with the increase of knife violence in Australia, is it even legal to keep and carry a pocket knife? Are folding knives legal in Maine? This Italian-made Spyderco is only an ounce and even received the coveted perfect score from Everyday Commentary. YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? Laws regarding selling knives to minors are non-existent, although there is a prohibition on the sale of paint guns and BB guns to minors. If you have a reason you can carry anything (chefs on their way to work, camping, fishing, etc). Furthermore, there is no state pre-emption, so different counties may have stricter laws on carrying knives. Does the Spyderco Tenacious Still Stack Up? YesFixed blade length: 1.5 in. An interesting article about knives and offensive weapons, it may help many including any tourists who don’t know British law, and maybe a few police officers should read it too. In Montana, a pocketknife with a blade shorter than 4 inches can be carried, provided it does not fall under the definition of a switchblade, defined by that state as having a blade longer than 1.5 inches that open with the press of a button or device on the handle. Colorado law permits citizens to legally own almost any knife, such as a switchblade or gravity knife, except a ballistic knife. Your email address will not be published. YesFixed blade length: No limit. Residents take into account the laws of neighboring states, even during routine shopping, commuting, or travel. Pocket knives are small, folding knives that can fit in a pocket. The Roadie was originally designed to comply with nearly changed TSA regulations that would allow small knives on planes again before it was sadly walked back. YesFixed blade length: 12in. In the past, automatic blades were illegal, but the state lifted this law in 2014. No person may carry a weapon without a valid license in Georgia. The law defines intent as an attempt to injure a person by using a knife. Long knife was intended to be lock knives. Pocket knives are super handy – they’re useful for simple, everyday stuff like cooking and opening packages, but they’re also great tools for emergency situations. Many states set restrictions for conceal carry based on the length of the knife blade. Wyoming law states it is illegal to carry a concealed dangerous weapon unless one owns a valid weapon permit or is eligible to hold a weapon permit. New Jersey prohibits ownership for those who have been convicted of certain crimes or have certain mental illnesses. The law prohibits ownership of dangerous weapons such as gravity, switchblades as well as automatic knives. All locking knives are banned, including those in multitools (RIP Victorinox SwissChamp). Zach currently lives in Wyoming with his wife and 2 kids. 3in)Fixed blade length: 3in. It has a roughly 2-inch blade made from N690Co steel and an FRN handle. YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? YesFixed blade length: 3.5in. YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? NoFixed blade length: 4in. Can not possess a bowie or dirk if under 12 unless your parents are with you. The knife only weighs 2 ounces, and it’s easy to carry with the wire clip. Are folding knives legal in South Dakota? YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? However, there are several restrictions on knife possession. Other types are permissible, as long as the owner doesn’t intend to harm anyone. The Terminus seems like a winner because of its overall design and solid slip joint mechanism. Common pocket knives that measure less than four inches is legal to conceal carry If the knife has a blade of over four inches, it requires a permit for concealed carry Anything outside these types of knives … Are folding knives legal in Idaho? It’s also legal to possess pocket knives or other types that have a blade no longer than three and one-half inches, regardless of whether it’s concealed or open. YesFixed blade length: 4in. For a shotgun you don’t even have to demonstrate good reason, a shotgun certificate is essentially a right in that the licensing authority has to find a reason not to grant a certificate. Illinois is one of the states that determine the legality of owning and carrying a knife based on the person’s intent. The Maine law permits its citizens to own and carry all types of blades, including automatic and switchblades. Every citizen in Alabama has a fundamental right to bear arms in defense of themselves. Are folding knives legal in Nebraska? Nevada knife laws permit people to own and carry knives in public, although there are a few exceptions. YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? You may have to avert your eyes on this one because it’s what many would classify as ugly (not I, of course, but you know who you are). NoFixed blade length: No limit. It’s all arbitrary and depends on the mood of the police officer that moment. YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? The law directs that it is illegal to carry dangerous weapons openly or concealed with intent to commit a crime. However, a switchblade knife with a blade longer than three inches is illegal. Are folding knives legal in North Carolina? YesAre automatic/switchblades allowed? Are folding knives legal in Vermont? What better way to show your patriotism than with a US-made slip joint? For instance, it is illegal to carry switchblades, balisongs, and butterfly knives, which are common in the United States. NoAre automatic/switchblades allowed? Nebraska knife owning laws permit residents and visitors to own and carry any type of knife, although there are some regulations. According to the law, the difference between a legally owned knife and an illegal one is the intent to use it as a deadly weapon. To qualify as an ordinary pocketknife, it must have a blade no longer than 3 inches. I am a sucker for Fallkniven knives because of the truly amazing craftsmanship and thoughtful designs. Standing for Legal to Carry, the LTC comes with a 2.3-inch blade made from its famous laminated powder steel 3G and an aluminum handle. I need to update this article soon with some better, newer options. It’s unlawful for concealed carry of knives, apart from in one’s premises in North Carolina. It also has G10 handle scales for an even lighter weight of less than an ounce. Let’s start with the quintessential UK knife: the Spyderco UK Penknife. It is legal to carry open or concealed knives in Louisiana. Citizens can carry any folding blade knife, but a fixed blade, such as a dagger or dirk, must be open-carry in a sheath at the waist. Please enter your username or email address. Pocket Knife Laws By State.

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