Costa Rica Puerto Rico† Cuba Civilian marine facilities should fly the Civil Ensign (the undefaced Red Ensign) as their national flag, unless they belong to an organisation that holds a warrant for a special ensign, when that ensign should be used instead. San Marino The Union Flag is folded in half, lengthways (Fig. ), flags of other nations (in alphabetical order, see the list below), the Commonwealth Flag, the European Union Flag, county flags, flags of cities or towns, banners of arms, and house flags. Ukraine England* It represents the Monarchy, which is continuous, and it would therefore be inappropriate for it to fly at half-mast. Flags of foreign nations should not be flown, unless their country is also observing mourning. From the announcement of the death until the funeral of a member of the Royal Family styled ‘Royal Highness’, subject to special commands from the Sovereign in each case. There is no Flag Act in UK law, and the Union Flag is the national flag by long-established custom and practice rather than by statute. The Royal Standard never flies at half-mast. The funerals of Prime Ministers and ex-Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, subject to special commands from the Sovereign in each case. Flags should be flown at … Serbia Afghanistan UK FLAG FLYING PROTOCOL : The government regulates the standard rules and instructions for flying ensigns. Leicestershire finalists are due to be revealed in 1 hour! Kyrgyzstan [3] International protocol prohibits the flying of any nation’s flag higher than another (apart from at medal ceremonies during sporting events). The national flags of the United Kingdom (ie. In a semi-circle of flags representing a number of nations, the senior national flag should be in the centre. Christmas Island† The remainder should be displayed in alphabetical order as shown, with the countries that make up the United Kingdom taking precedence. Check when you will need to get consent from the local authorities. Austria This is known as ‘breaking’ the flag, and is sometimes used to signal the beginning of an event, or the arrival of a VIP. 8 & 9). Saint Lucia South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands* A yacht club burgee or distinguishing flag can be flown from the masthead, the highest point of the flagpole. (In England, using somebody else's arms is just a civil wrong, not illegal.). Ecuador Its staff should be in front of the staff of the other flag. Did Prince Charles have Diana killed so he could marry Camilla? Government and local authority buildings in England, Scotland and Wales are encouraged to fly national flags every day of the year (the flying of flags at certain locations in Northern Ireland is constrained by The Flags Regulations [Northern Ireland] 2000 and Police Emblems and Flag Regulations [Northern Ireland] 2002).[2]. Bhután Saint Helena* The long narrow streamer-like flags are designed to be left flying day and night. Niger Guam† Italy Vanuatu Tuvalu Cayman Islands* Egypt Virgin Islands† Tunisia Whenever crossed with the flag of another nation or organisation, the senior national flag should be on the left of the observer facing the flag. Solomon Islands If only one flag is to be flown and there are two flagpoles, it should be flown on the flagpole to the observer’s left. México 1152496). Namibia Dominican Republic Congo-Brazzaville The Royal Standard (actually the Royal Banner – a standard being an heraldic flag similar to the pennants above) should only be flown whilst the Royal person is on the premises, being hoisted (or broken) on their arrival and lowered following their departure. Guinea-Bissau France Kosovo Indonesia ‘Australia’ rather than ‘Commonwealth of Australia’) and ignores ‘The’. [1] The first Union Flag was created in 1606 and combined the flags of England and Scotland. 2). © 2020 The Flag Institute. Northern Marianas† When a British national flag is at half-mast, other flags on the same stand of poles should also be at half-mast or should not be flown at all. Kiribati When displayed from a staff, on a speaker’s platform, the senior national flag should be placed on the right-hand side of the speaker, and therefore to the audience’s left. British Embassy), Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Trinity House (English and Welsh Lighthouses), Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). It is permissible to fly the same national flag on more than one flagpole by repeating the order of precedence. It is most improper to fly the flag upside down. Algeria Moldova South Sudan Bolivia Any remainder is tucked away into the fold of the triangular shape (Fig. Palau Tokelau† Niue† However, in Scotland where the law takes heraldry much more seriously, it is illegal to display the Scottish Lion (which is the personal standard of the monarch of Scotland), just as it is illegal to display any arms belonging rightfully to somebody else. The use of any of the national flags to cover a statue, monument or plaque for an unveiling ceremony is discouraged. Netherlands Antilles† Ghana The order uses the short name of the country rather than its formal name (ie. When two or more flags are carried side-by-side, the senior national flag takes the position of honour at the right-hand side of the line facing the direction of movement (the left of an observer watching the line approach). Is Joe Biden the American version of Prince Philip? [4] If each country’s official dimensions are being used, any of the flags that are square or nearly square can have a slightly larger width (up to 25% more) to give a more equal area. The funerals of First Ministers and ex-First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, subject to special commands from the Sovereign in each case. The purpose of the Royal Standard is to let the people know if the monarch is present or not;the only place then,that the standard can be flown over,is the residence of the monarch,when she is present.I don't know about the legality,though. A flagpole on top of a building may need a larger flag because of the added height of the building. România Zimbabwe. The funerals of foreign Rulers, subject to special commands from the Sovereign in each case. Cambodia When flags are painted onto a vehicle, or on the tail fin of an aircraft, the flag on the port side should show the obverse of the flag (ie. Barbados When passing the person taking the salute the flag should be lowered so that the staff is horizontal. For interior or parade use a ‘dress flag’ may be used. the flagpole on the right). Important: the Union Flag has a correct way up – in the half of the flag nearest the flagpole, the wider diagonal white stripe must be above the red diagonal stripe, as Scotland’s St Andrew’s Cross takes precedence over Ireland’s St Patrick’s Cross. Somalia Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The pennant, or vimpel, is a solution to these problems. Flags should be flown at half-mast on the following occasions: If the body of a very distinguished citizen is lying in a building, the flag should fly at half-mast on that building until the body has left. Ireland still with the flagpole at the wearer’s front). The Royal Standard never flies at half-mast. When flags are at half-mast the lower flag must be removed. [1] See Hansard – House of Lords Debate 14 July 1908 vol 192 cc 579 – 80. The first triangular fold is made ensuring it is within 5mm of the straight edge (Fig. Alternatively they can be arranged alphabetically, going clockwise. No permission is needed to fly the national flags and they are excluded from most planning and advertising regulations (but flagpoles may not be). Care should be taken to ensure that all flags suspended vertically across a street are hung to be seen from the same direction. British Virgin Islands* Montserrat* Paraguay If the flagpole is fitted with a gaff (a short pole attached to the flagpole at an angle – see diagram), the senior ensign should be flown from the gaff. when do u think Prince Harry will have a visit to England? Unless otherwise commanded by the Sovereign, this only applies to flags in their respective countries. Other flags – If hung vertically, the edge that would normally be the top of the flag should be on the left, so, for example, ensigns have their Union Flag canton in the upper left corner. Burma Vatican City After the salute, the flag should be raised again. Anguilla* Kuwait Voting is now open to decide the last county flag in England - Leicestershire!

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