Depending on geographic location, experience, level of education, and institution, wages for geriatric nurses can vary greatly. It is important that all the nurses need to have specialized knowledge about older adults. In a single year 83.2% of adults and 97.6% of children have had some kind of contact with medical professionals due to some form of physical ailment (“Ambulatory Care Use…”). According to the Administration for Community Living, the percentage of, people living in the U.S. who are over 65, will grow from 14.1 percent in 2013 to 21.7 percent by 2040. You can work directly or indirectly with people, and you will always endeavor to ensure that their needs are best met. You never know where someone has been and what kind of lives they’ve experienced. This takes high levels of patience, empathy, and compassion. In some cases, the treatment objective will shift. As you can see, geriatric nursing is a very wide and varied field of work. Geriatrics health care providers who function as family caregivers undergo a unique, highly emotional experience. Food becomes less appealing to older adults because of the decreased sense of taste and smell. Work as a full-time RN for a minimum of two years, Have at least three years of experience working in the gerontological nursing field with a minimum of 2,000 hours accumulated, and. It’s not unusual for some of our students to pursue geriatric nursing because of personal experience with older family members or friends. (801) 816-1444, It’s certainly needed. Have an active U.S. or state territory RN license (or legally equivalent licensure from another country). Though certain nursing programs in US, Canada and in many other countries are trying to improve the situation by providing proper geriatric education to the nurses, yet the attitudinal changes seem to hinder them. A speciality like geriatric nursing is easily overlooked, but it can be unexpectedly rewarding to many nurses out there. ranks high with an average salary of $84,000. The Importance Of Geriatric Nurses In Nursing; The Importance Of Geriatric Nurses In Nursing. . According to the Administration for Community Living, the percentage of people living in the U.S. who are over 65 will grow from 14.1 percent in 2013 to 21.7 percent by 2040. Though you only need an RN degree to begin, the sky’s the limit for geriatric nursing programs and certifications! Symptoms of a common condition can manifest in a completely different way in the aging population, which means geriatric nurses need to be comfortable with critical thinking and listening to the needs, wants, and feelings of the patient. First, you need to enroll and complete a nursing program, like the one we offer at Ameritech, and pass the NCLEX. There is a chance that these figures will change in the next few years. The programs and certifications for a geriatric nurse are very similar to other specialties. The pay is higher on the East Coast, with Massachusetts ($94,000), Connecticut ($90,000), and New York ($95,000) leading the pack behind our nation’s capitol. It is important that all the nurses need to have specialized knowledge about older adults. According to Nurse Journal, nurses who want to specialize in geriatrics can earn on average anywhere from $49,000 (Hawaii) to $98,000 (Washington, DC). It is also important to reduce their fearful and the negative attitude about the geriatric nursing. As our body ages, gradual changes tend to occur. Geriatric nurse practitioners are important advocates for overseeing the appropriate utilization of healthcare resources geared to the needs of elderly people. With this increase will come the need for passionate, understanding geriatric. Evaluation is very important in an older patient, as the illnesses and the symptoms related to the disease seem to be quite much different from younger ones. “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – Betty Friedan. In some cases, the treatment objective will shift. * Required, Draper Campus To become certified, however, requires a little more work — mainly, experience. Required fields are marked *. It is very true to say that extensive knowledge and skills are required for the nurses to take care of older people. Competencies have been modified to include aninterdisciplinary focus reflecting our recognition of the importance ofinterdisciplinary care for elders.In addition to the above areas, gerontological nurse practitioners thathave completed the Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training Programwill be able to:A) Define the gerontological nurse practitioners role in various healthcare … The American Nurses Credentialing Center does offer credentialing in the form of the Gerontological Nursing Certification Exam. End-of-life care can be exhausting, because geriatric patients often need more physical assistance, and because elderly care has become more complicated with each passing year. The best geriatric journal is the Journal of Genrontological Nursing. It isn’t for everyone, but if you find value in forming meaningful relationships with aging individuals and want to give back to an older generation, you’ll find so much joy and satisfaction in the work — and it will be a positive experience, overall, for everyone. who answered the calling to care for these sometimes forgotten generations. While physical strength, memory, and the five senses do decline with age. I understand that the foregoing consent is not a condition of program application or enrollment and agree that the terms of the privacy policy apply. Other factors are also responsible for the reluctance among the nurses to take care of older patients. There was a time when curing the patient was more important than the patients themselves. Some people might have a misguided fear of the elderly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You never know where someone has been and what kind of lives they’ve experienced. There are several myths and stereotypes that might keep some well-suited nurses from pursuing a career in geriatric nursing, where they would otherwise thrive in the field. There is also great opportunity to give back to a generation of people who have given so much of their lives to the world already. Geriatric care is on the rise. Related resource: Be Careful: These Are the Causes of Compassion Fatigue. It provides information about the key factors that affect the health of older adults as they are more likely to have one or more chronic health conditions. Again, while good pay might sound very tempting when considering a nursing career speciality, money can’t buy you everything. If you’re interested in becoming a registered nurse in Utah, or receiving a holistic education through our online RN-BSN degree completion program, please contact us today. Copyright © 2020 INSCOL Healthcare Pvt. As a geriatric nurse, you’ll be one of the biggest advocates for the patient and the patient’s family. You’ll also be a listening ear when needed, a voice for those without one, and sensitive to and aware of the family’s state-of-mind at all times. Related resource: Practical Advice for Choosing Your Nursing Specialty. Geriatrics is a field that takes a lot of heart and patience, and it isn’t for everybody, so don’t jump into it for the wrong reasons! Geriatric nurses work in organizations such as acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and retirement homes. One cannot deny the fact that one third of all hospitalized patients are older adults. They also provide essential educational services to older clients, their families and other nursing and medical professionals involved in their care. Your email address will not be published. These factors include preference to work in pediatrics, labor, delivery and ICU. Hospitals are designed around efficiency rather than person-centered care, but times are changing, and in some cases, nurses — especially those with a holistic specialty — are leading the charge. Some people might have a misguided fear of the elderly. 2051 Words 9 Pages. As demanding as it sounds, the work does become easier with time and proves rewarding for the right individual. Advancing through training, certification, and education, Creating meaningful relationships with an older generation, nurses who want to specialize in geriatrics can earn. on average anywhere from $49,000 (Hawaii) to $98,000 (Washington, DC). Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge about the care of older people among the teachers, students and nursing program graduates, it results in insufficient evaluation skills, which further leads to missed diagnosis, treatments that can harm rather than heal. If you don’t want to make the move to the East Coast, California (so close to Utah!) Geriatric care is on the rise. there are eligibility criteria he or she must satisfy, Practical Advice for Choosing Your Nursing Specialty, Ameritech Nursing Students Are on The Front Lines in The Fight Against the Spread of COVID-19, From Ameritech Board Member to Registered Nurse, 5 Study from Home Tips for Students During the Coronavirus Pandemic, How to Become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant in 3 Steps, Master of Science in Nursing (direct entry), Why You Should Consider Alternative Nursing Jobs, The Journey of a Former Ameritech Student and Nurse Extraordinaire. It’s important to avoid assumptions and to keep an open mind.

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