ABRSM Grade 6 - Guildhall Grade 6-7 UK, Fluteworld Level TWO+ or THREE- ________________________________________________ This fantastic book contains 17 progressive exercises, which have helped generations of flutists to develop and secure both technique and tone. A slide whistle is variously known as a swanee whistle, piston flute or less commonly jazz flute. Level 3. - Key signatures firm at 3#s and 3bs (memorized scales begun) CSS. - enharmonics/accidentals, dynamics, first extended techniques introduced 2, 5, 7-8 by Paul Harris. The major scale (or Ionian mode) is one of the most commonly used musical scales, especially in Western music.It is one of the diatonic scales.Like many musical scales, it is made up of seven notes: the eighth duplicates the first at double its frequency so that it is called a higher octave of the same note (from Latin "octavus", the eighth).. - subtle variations in dynamics begun - more musical interpretive challenges taken on 2, 5, 7-8 by Paul Harris. 1, either study no. Repetition is the best thing you can do, you do not even have to play the instrument, just sit there with the music in front of you and do all the fingerings for it. Fluteworld Level FIVE represents extended technique works with unusual notation. - septuplet groupings, groupings of 8, 9, and 12 notes to a beat. - Can improvise (or create cadenzas) based on many scale arpeggio patterns Print out the illustrations if you want a handy reference during your music making! Which is more than enough. The wierd scales (dominant and dimished sevenths, pentatonic, that sort of thing) increase in difficulty too. ________________________________ research, ______________________________ I play the flute. (Berio/ Robert Dick/etc.) Phrygian mode scales for Flute. Example of solo: Mozart Andante in C/ Pergolesi's Concerto in G Major/Godard's Allegretto and Idylle/Schumann's Three Romances/Bloch's Suite Modale/Foote's Trois Pieces. ABRSM Grade 4-5 - Guildhall Grade 5 UK - Fluteworld Level TWO+, - Low C to Bb3 Example of solos: J.S. ------------- 1 & 2 by Trevor Wye or Karen Smithson 'Playing the Flute Vol. Mixolydian mode scales for Flute. - Tone highly developed and creatively applied I'. - Has systematically worked on the standard orchestral excerpts over - Recitals planned and prepared with student regularly doing own several years (see Orchestral Excerpts for Flute by Jeanne Baxtresser). 1 & 2 by Trevor Wye or Karen Smithson 'Playing the Flute Vol. 2 or Sonata in F Major by Vivaldi/ or Purcell's Air and Hornpipe or Neilsen's The Children are Playing or Reger's Romance or Hindemith's Echo. - performance is highly polished and/or creative/imaginative. - Tone development incorporates more and more tone colours Royal Conservatory Grade 'A.R.C.T' (Associate diploma) _________________________________ Click here for article on levels required for University Performance Majors. Example of solo: Has completed a method book such as 'Beginner Book of the Flute' vol. Various extended Technique compositions. But given the right care and attention, scales have the power to contribute to your flute playing in a way you never knew possible! - complex accent patterns within rhythmic groups ___________________________________ - Tone development worked on daily. improving ensemble abilities Bach's Sonata in A minor (Partita in A minor)/Bozza Image/Hindemith Sonata/Milhaud Sonatine/Poulenc Sonata/ Griffes Poem/Taktakishvili Sonata/Mower's Sonata Latino - Daily Exercises in trills, large slurred leaps, rapid tremelo patterns, - Extensive use of tone colour and dynamic choices - complex endurance multiple tonguing Intermediate Novice If you are willing to get serious about flute playing, our suggestion is: - learning fingerings, posture, breathing, embouchure, articulation. C1 is low C. There are 36 scales in flute, but classical people play mainly E Scale flute, at beginner level you are recommended to play A scale. 1, either study no. Etudes: 125 Easy Classical Studies for Flute arr: Vester; or "76 GradedStudies Vol. - scales and arpeggios being memorized, several per week, - sight-reading or improvising done daily. That's because every minor scale has a relative major. Level 10 University to Semi-professional level: (you must reach this level before seriously considering a full-time music career.) 17 Grands Exercices Journaliers de Mecanisme, - mature interpretive abilities Total marks in all individual Practical exams are 150. ________________________________________________, Royal Conservatory Grade 2 Canada Tartini 'Concerto in G' from 'Flute Music of the Baroque' - can sustain passages in extreme registers and dynamics You may observe that there's a relation between the schemes on which major and minor scales are built. ______________________________ - Time signatures: 5/8, 9/8, 7/8 and 12/8 - legato, staccato rendered correctly Etude: 'J.S. Royal Conservatory Grade 1 Canada here.). - sightreading good in ensemble settings - Sextuplet rhythms, and slow subdivision Baroque "Largo" style That's why it is a good idea to take the time to practice them thoroughly. - ornamentation symbols understood Flutenet Level 1. - complex pulse and meter changes Etudes: 125 Easy Classical Studies for Flute arr: Vester; or "76 GradedStudies Vol. You may observe that there's a relation between the schemes on which major and minor scales are built. Royal Conservatory Grade 6-7 Canada There are eight grades of assessment. - All key signatures recognized on sight Bach's B-minor Suite no. Learning to play C major, G major, F major, B flat major, and E flat major is recommend, as many beginner flute songs are played in these keys. __________________________________ var d=new Date(); Lydian mode scales for Flute. - Key sigs up to 7#s or 7bs just by mentioning a number preceded by the abbreviation “E.J.”, which stands By the way, these notes that fall in between the notes of a scale without belonging to it are called chromatic notes. - Full range up to D4 and possibly above 1-24. ___________________________________ Royal Conservatory Grade 10 Canada (sufficient training to teach flute privately to young beginners with overseeing expert teacher to assist).

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