Put them far enough apart and, instead of overlap, you'll have gaps. As the President of SIB Lighting, David manages the firm’s strategy and growth, including strategic partnerships with property management firms and building owners all across the country. LED High Bay Lighting Design & Installation High bay lighting fixtures are essential for warehouses, factories, industrial complexes, gyms and other large spaces with high ceilings. One 400W metal halide bulb was as bright as the next, right? Get your own lighting design by Hyperlite for your indoor & outdoor LED lighting; Seize the opportunity to experience the best LED high bay lights and after-sales service; We sell LED Products through Amazon store, eBay store ,and Official store online; Stay with Hyperlite to make a bright future! Today's round high bays, relying on LED technology, are able to outperform metal halide in every aspect. The bigger the gaps, the more uneven your lighting will be at ground level. David, LC, LEED GA, is a pioneer in the green industry. David came to SIB Lighting through the acquisition of his company, HOA Energy Advisors, in May of 2015. The LC was created as a baseline standard for knowledge covering the entire scope of the vast lighting field. They are adequate for a “first pass” estimate. Luminaires with narrow teardrop shaped optical distributions will provide reasonable uniformity on the vertical face of the shelves while pushing light all the way down to the floor. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Today LED High bay Lights are any fixtures hung at higher than 12' … No one wants to wind up spending more on lights—and subsequent operating costs—than they really need to, but many err in that direction in order to avoid under-lighting a space. Food, pharma, horticulture, car wash, and industrial laundry applications need water-shedding, easy-washdown high bay lighting. LED technology can be perfectly adapted to wet locations and can also receive NSF certification for use in food and pharmaceutical processing and a number of other industries. High Bay Sports Arena Parking Garage Outdoor Fixtures . Outfitting a large, high-ceiling space with lighting isn’t the cheapest thing any of us will do this week. How much depends on how bright you need your lighting to be at ground level. The higher the efficacy, the higher the savings, Most warranties are longer than the age of the manufacturer, The number of qualified products on the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) list grows by 50% a year, Most LED proucts have an .ies file which is used in photo-metric analysis to model what a space will look like after install. Over the years, many advancements have been made with this kind of lighting. Check out our LED high bay warehouse aisle lights. As an alternative to linear fluorescent high bays, LED high bay panel lights actually do provide light as eye-popping as metal halide lamps while running at significantly less power (significantly less even than T5HO lamps) and lasting years longer without maintenance. Tel. These fixtures are a cost-effective option to replace 400 – 1000 watt HID high bay lighting. So, lights installed at only 15 feet high will need to be closer together to achieve overlap than lights that are installed at 30 feet. We have a wide selection of round LED high bays to meet any ceiling height and application requirement. No one wants to spend money on a LED lighting conversion project only to find out the warehouse isn't bright enough or is too bright. Various sensor options for multi-level lighting control Premium architectural look in a durable high bay design. Additionally, your spacing will depend on your ceiling height. Like our round LED high bays, all of our LED lights for warehouse aisles are IP65 rated for protection against dust, moisture, and water jets. Therefore, you'll want at least some small degree of overlap. You can use this chart as a basic rule of thumb: And, again, our lighting team has a lot of experience with high bay lighting. Let us introduce you to lumens. That's a 50% and a 62.5% reduction in power consumption, respectively—and both wattages replace a 400 Watt metal halide. Call (215-355-7200), email (lights@eledlights.com), or hit up our Live Chat. Light is cone-shaped. High bay lighting is ideal for illuminating buildings that have high ceilings such as warehouses, factories and gymnasiums. Additionally, we maintain ownership of the lighting fixtures and will provide ongoing maintenance as needed. SIB Lighting designers and engineers have years of experience working with high bay lighting and can provide the best recommendations for your needs. Take a look at our linear LED high bay panels. Having retrofit and managed over 75 large projects, HOA Energy has become a leader in the industry. Please contact us anytime if you have any questions. A: bay lighting is the name of lights used in commercial bays. High Bay Lighting Design, High Bay Lighting Design Suppliers Directory - Find variety High Bay Lighting Design Suppliers, Manufacturers, Companies from around the World at designers lighting ,designer pendant lighting ,design ceiling light suspended, Chandeliers & Pendant Lights Hight-transmittance lens for maximum light output Let us help you with your high bay lighting plan. David is active in the Green community and shares his love of the planet with his family and friends. Inadequate light makes it difficult and less safe for employees who have to work in it! Getting this right will save you from overspending on too much light or, worse, installing inadequate lighting you'll have to supplement later. The closer together you install your fixtures, the more overlap the light at ground level will have—and the brighter that light will be. At the light source, it's concentrated. Skip to content . It can take you over three times as long to implement a lighting solution on your own! The farther apart you install your lights, the less overlap. If you've poked around lighting sites, you'll have seen that LED high bay lights don't come in a single design. You need protection against dust, moisture, or water (round high bays are generally IP65 rated), You're replacing linear fluorescent fixtures and want to keep the same layout, Your ceilings are under 35 feet and your space has passageways, assembly areas, or other specific rectangular footprints you want to follow, You don't need protection against dust, moisture, or water. For instance, in 2014, the average LED high bay light could be expected to operate at a luminous efficacy of 83 lumens/Watt. How bright will your warehouse be after you convert to LED Lighting? For expert LED high bay lighting design and installation services, request a quote from SIB Lighting today. Here are some key benefits of LED high bay lighting design: Our proven LED retrofit process starts with a solid understanding of your needs and the unique requirements of your space. With established best practices and years of experience, we can provide rapid high bay lighting design and installation services that are tailored to your unique needs. It is a powerful high bay light that you can use in different places including supermarkets, stadiums, gyms, and stores. As an alternative to linear fluorescent high bays, LED high bay panel lights actually do provide light as eye-popping as metal halide lamps while running at significantly less power (significantly less even than T5HO lamps) and lasting years longer without maintenance. Whether you need to light a series of warehouse aisles or a large gymnasium, we will provide the right solutions for you. There are many high bay fixtures on the market. Light Efficient Design High Bay LED fixtures are designed to provide energy efficient and reliable operation in high bay applications. If you were replacing a 400W metal halide light, you would have bought a 280W LED alternative, enjoyed a 30% reduction in your lighting costs, and come away thinking that a 280-Watt LED light was equivalent to a 400W metal halide. That right there shows how wattage is no longer very helpful as an indicator of brightness. To add more, the unit comes with a long power cable for efficient services. If this is what your application calls for, shop our corrosion-resistant washdown LED high bays. Through our Lighting as a Service program, you can pay on a monthly basis, significantly reducing the upfront investment which is often a deterrent for many to upgrade from traditional lighting. Call (215-355-7200), email (lights@eledlights.com), or hit up our Live Chat, and we'll not only be able to tell you how many fixtures at what lumens and at what spacing will give you the lighting you're looking for, we can even do up a lighting simulation for you, so you can be certain of what you're getting. We had all gotten used to wattage as an indicator of brightness. Take a look at our linear LED high bay panels. Additionally, the size of your space and the color of your walls will affect your light choices. https://www.warehouse-lighting.com/collections/led-high-bay-lights

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