If you’re looking to learn from a famous graphic design that isn’t afraid to use bold colors, David is your guy. Broom’s designs combine craft, heritage, and modernity. It’s not easy to go the “self-taught” route, but with hard work, dedication, and a passion for design you can get there. His history in the theatre can be seen in … His groundbreaking book jacket designs for Alfred A. Knopf are most notable. Her designs have even gotten the HarperCollins stamp of approval. Her design style is feminine with clear tarot cards and bohemian influences. But if we were to list all graphic designers in the world, we would need an entire book and a bazillion hours of data entry. Aicher also created an influential public signage system that utilized simple stick figure graphics which grew to have a great impact on graphic design. Both studied graphic design during three years at an art school and now prefer creating real objects with paper and taking photos out of them, rather than composing images on a computer. Poster designs for Getty Images by Mike Kus. Their Instagram account showcases not only their own brilliant work but the work of a growing number of collaborators from across the globe. Come to her Instagram for the graphics, but you’ll stay for the interior design inspiration! Luke’s designs are unapologetically colorful and incredibly on-brand when it comes to visual storytelling. This raw style of graphic design has never wavered and his Instagram feed is the ultimate homage to the age-old art form of screen printing. Passionate about design for both print and screen, she works on a diverse range of projects for brands such as Jetstar, Qantas and Red Bull Music Academy. How it works. That’s why so much attention is paid to the work of graphic designers these days. His choice of color palettes catches the eye of every follower and his 3-dimensional designs are equally engaging whether done as part of a product’s packaging or the perfect backdrop for a high-fashion shoot. Every great designer has been inspired by another. Her style is minimalist and elegant, and we especially love her recent editorial design for Victoria Will. Anthony’s designs are a welcome addition to anyone’s Instagram feed; whether you’re looking to advance your graphic design career or just appreciate a good piece of art. Let’s start. We don’t see the world in 2D and Daniel believes we should view our creativity in that way either! Although Fred Woodward, Alan Fletcher, Bob Gill and Paula Scher might be the obvious ones to follow or research, at Shillington, we think it's also good to draw inspiration from the latest talent. Hom Sweet Hom is the studio of Lauren Hom, a designer and letterer based in Detroit. A one stop shop for all things … Look no further! David’s bright designs often marry mold-like designs and eye-catching animation with everyday photography. The pastel shades which light up her Instagram account are fresh yet warm and are sure to brighten up your feed once you hit the ‘follow’ button. As a graphic designer, Irene’s work is elegant and floral and it’s clear to see that she has a deep passion for all things graphic design. Anthony Wood Mike founded his creative design studio, MISTER in Fife in 2004. Graphic designers use illustrations and text, to create visual compositions, but most of all graphic designers solve problems! It has an integrated graphics solution that will be comfortable handling a variety of graphic design tasks. But with the development of some amazing design tools, that make the design process so much easier, as well as the thousands of blogs and graphic design courses available today via the internet, now is probably the best time ever to embark on a career in graphic design. But don’t worry you can get plenty of inspiration from the famous graphic designers that we list in this post. Find a designer. Jennet’s raw style of design is showcased brilliantly in every post on her Instagram account. His art is a personal favorite of Katy Perry which resulted in Rob creating the cover for her chart-topping single, Roar in 2013. What started as a chalk illustration at a housewarming party has just Dana into an internationally recognized and influential graphic design artist who has captured the attention of Google among many others. MTV, HBO, CNN…you name them and he’s worked with them. Currently working in Amsterdam, Marta Veludo is inspired by pop culture, folk art, pound shops and Tumblr, fascinated by inventions, colour, movement and compositions. Reverberations exhibition catalogue design by Elana Schlenker. He is recognized as one of the U.K.’s leading product designers and his brand is sold around the world. Luke is a famous Australian graphic designer than gave up a life down under to embrace the design influences of good old America. If you’re looking for graphic design courses on the art of water-color then all you need is to watch her time-lapses to learn from a pro! As one half of the New York City’s renowned Sagmeister and Walsh, Jessica is a designer that sees A-List clients such as Jay-Z and Levis vying for her design skills daily. Rob’s design style is funky and defined with publications such as Anorak and Fire & Knives commissioning him to illustrate for them. His handcrafted approach to large-scale typographic projects means that he has been commissioned to create pieces from Cape Town to Toronto and everything in between. Creative Boom celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community. Five years ago, she launched her creative studio in LA where they’ve since developed comprehensive identities for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. Annie Atkins specialises in graphics for filmmaking, which means that she makes any graphic pieces outlined by a period film script. In today’s online world, it’s difficult to get by without good design! His razor-sharp humor and years of design experience result in an Instagram account that is sure to provide a good pick-me-up if not major design inspiration. Her most famous client became Rebecca Twigley, who wore the notorious red dress, which received an … His intricate style of typography is edgy, engaging, and most importantly, eye-catching. Our next graphic designer gets his design inspiration from “the American West, road trips and pizza”.

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