This authentic Jamaican seafood recipe is savory, tangy, and has a little kick. Slice pepper thinly. Serve cold. Failure to do this may result in serious bodily harm, just joking, but seriously, you don’t want to accidentally rub your face or eyes with a hand that has been messing with these peppers! While the fish is frying, slice onion rings, julienne carrots (long thin sticks) and slice scotch bonnet by holding it with fork as shown. This dish is enjoyed all year round but mostly served around Easter Holiday. Cooked or Uncooked Escovitch Pickle Sauce. Method: Combine and cover in an air tight jar. Pin for later. I’ve officially become an expert at maneuvering around those tiny fish bones. How you choose to prepare this sauce, cooked or uncooked is your choice. It is a Jamaican cuisine where fish (be it king fish, mullet, snapper, parrot fish – the choice of Jamaican fish) is lightly seasoned with herbs, spices – thyme, pimento, scotch bonnet and pan fried to a crisp. What is escovitch fish. Place in saucepan; stir in onion, vinegar, 1 cup (250 mL) water, allspice, peppercorns, sugar and salt. Escovitch Fish is a classic Jamaican dish that I love preparing. Escovitch Fish is a Jamaican style dish that is prepared by frying a well seasoned fish garnished with vegetables and herbs in a peppery vinegar dressing. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or for up to 1 day. We stuck our hands out the car to buy bags of guinep, peppered shrimp, mangoes, and coconut water. Bring to boil; pour over fish. The term escovitch actually derives from the Spanish word pronounced escabeche. Traditionally made with red snapper, firm white fish is sauteed with peppers, carrots, and onions. Published: Sep 21, 2020 by Liz DellaCroce. When we traveled from Kingston to Ocho Rios, I remember grabbing food from street merchants. Let cool for 30 minutes. Over the years I’m had the opportunity to sample escovitch fish from many sources (even in Jamaica), but I have to admit that this recipe I’m about to share is as classic as it gets and I’m sure you’ll be quite please with the results. Cut chayote and carrot into 1/4-inch (5 mm) matchstick strips. Guinep is a peculiar fruit.

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