Once the first and second major processes are completed, all that is left is to toss to deep fried prawns into the salted egg yolk sauce. The sweetness from shrimp combined with soft and smooth tofu will make everyone fall in love with it just from one bite. (All of these things can of course always be adjusted to taste, so the description is just to paint a mental image.) The dish is great to have with rice and eat in winter or rainy days. You can now enjoy your salted egg yolk prawn with a cup of warm white rice. According to Wikipedia, whole beaten eggs are filtered and incorporated into soy milk before the coagulant is added. Vietnamese steamed egg tofu with shrimp recipe is an appetizing soft dish which is suitable for everyone who loves shrimp and tofu. Let me know what you think. Try this Salted Egg Prawn Recipe. Japanese egg tofu with minced chicken, prawn and mushrooms Japanese tofu 日本豆腐 (tamagodōfu), also known as egg tofu is a type of savory flavored tofu made from soy milk and eggs. https://en.christinesrecipes.com/2010/07/stir-fried-prawns-with-eggs.html The last step in the second process is to add the egg yolk mixture. The tofu cubes were about 1/2-3/4in cubes, so again roughly mapo tofu sized. Shrimp Egg Stir-fry (虾仁炒蛋) – recipe here today!

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