To do this work, you can go to Device Manager, expand Sound, video and game controllers and right-click your sound driver to choose Update driver. You’d be surprised at how often this simple step fixes the problem … Make sure that both the Input and Output device is set to the one you actually have installed. Discord is a versatile app that allows both text and chat input while playing games. Here Are Top 4 Solutions, An Easy Way to Set Apps Always Run as an Administrator Windows 10. Step 3: Save the change. Join over 260,000 subscribers! Related article: Discord Mic Not Working? Blue Snowball Not Working With Discord: 4 Ways To Fix. Also, you can download the latest version from the manufacturer’s official website and install it on your computer. By Vera | Follow | Last Updated November 29, 2020. Still Find Your … If Discord stops working in game, disabling it can resolve the issue. There are times, however. Also, check for any physical damage, and connect it to another computer to check if the mic is working and not broken. But it also appears again when you start the game. This is optional, but can help if your voice can’t be detected by your mic’s default sensitivity settings. Then, let Windows search for and install the driver automatically. Reset Your Voice Settings in Discord; 3. In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how you can fix when your Discord microphone is not working too. Especially on laptops, if you are using an external mic, you will need to select the default input device to avoid issues such as Discord mic not working. On the menu to the left, find and open Voice & Video under the App Settings heading. Solution 1: Change Your Default Input Microphone. You should make sure that Discord is properly configured to use your audio output/input device. To check if this is the case, open the menu on Windows and follow these steps: If the problem isn’t on Discord or on Windows, then your browsers may be preventing access to your mic. Help, discord doesn't work when I'm playing a FS game. To do so, follow these steps: Although a useful part of the app, Discord Overlay has been known to cause errors while playing games. It’s easy to see why a lot of gamers consider it as an indispensable tool, especially in team-based activities. Sometimes, the most obvious solution is the best one. Don’t worry and you can easily fix the issue. If you would like to try this solution, do the following: If none of these steps work, then the problem may not be with Discord but external applications. In this post, some useful solutions are introduced to you, and just try them now. 3 Ways To Fix Discord Randomly Mutes. Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. Check for External Factors (Checklist) 7. 8 comments. 3 Ways To Discord Spell Check Not Working. This device should be enabled by default, if not, then enable it. when you just can’t get it to work. Get free backup software to backup the entire system and your data on the hard drive. Uncheck the Enable in-game overlay switch. The main reasons for this issue are the lack of microphone permissions and administrator permissions, old drivers, etc. Locate the Discord.exe or Discord shortcut icon. Your mic refuses to broadcast, and you can’t communicate with your team. 1. Do you have other ideas or suggestions for solving errors that weren’t mentioned? Logging Out and Restarting Discord; 5. If this step doesn’t work move to the next step. In detail, some features include audio, Discord Overlay, microphone, and other important features don’t work. In the next part, we will show you how to fix Discord not working in game. Your email address will not be published. Now we’ve identified what may be wrong, we need to find a solution. These features include audio, microphone, Discord Overlay, and other important features. Open User Settings on Discord. Optionally, you can check if your microphone is recognized by Chrome as its default device. Discord stops working in game? Having Discord suddenly refuse to work not only serves as an annoyance, but diminishes the enjoyment. Have you ever had a problem using Discord? However, problems continue to occur after opening the game again. I am also seeing my mic completely stop working when I join a game of league. If Discord stops working in game, you can try these four solutions below. Before you dabble with user settings and suchlike, try to restart the Discord app. However, it is not always working and you may often encounter some issues, for example, Discord not opening, Discord keeps cutting down, search not working, etc. Discord Stops Working in Game? Connect with us for giveaways, exclusive promotions and latest news. 3 Ways To Make OBS Not Pick Up Discord. 27 Nov 2020. Step 1: Launch Discord, go to User Settings, and choose Overlay. Restart Discord. Discord GIFs Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix. Below are a few suggested methods to deal with the problem of Discord not working in-game. Now, let’s see them. 27 Nov 2020. Discord is popular with game players since it offers many options for voice and video chat and comes with many handy features. Discord even registers that I am pushing my "push to talk" button, but nobody can hear me. Get the best free data recovery software to recover up to 1GB data totally for free! Users have reported that various Discord features simply cease to work after joining a game. 27 Nov 2020. Stay tuned with our weekly recap of what’s hot & cool. On Chrome click on the Customize and Control menu (the three dots) on the rightmost side of the toolbar. In this post from MiniTool Solution, you can find some useful solutions. save. You can check this by doing the following: Discord may also refuse to work if it doesn’t have the administrator privileges to do so. On the left are the sites you’ve visited, and on the right, the permissions that Firefox has given them. Step 2: Under the Compatibility tab, make sure the box of Run this program as an administrator is checked. You can do this like so: Discord has proven to be invaluable for both casual and professional gamers who wish to give an edge to their playing experience. Just try them to easily get rid of your trouble. Copyright © 2020 MiniTool® Software Limited, All Rights Reserved. Before you dabble with user settings and suchlike, try to restart the Discord app. Note that if you can’t find your microphone then this may be a hardware problem. The issue usually disappears after leaving the game. Fortunately, this can be remedied by disabling Discord Overlay itself. Scroll further down. Under Voice Processing is an option to turn on/off Advanced Voice Activity. Step 4: Also, make sure the option of Allow apps to access your microphone is enabled. After leaving the game, users can restart the call or rejoin a channel and the problems usually disappear.

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