A panel of brewers from areas with rich barbecue cultures discuss what makes their BBQ unique. Join Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and “Brewing Local” author Stan Hieronymus as they provide insight into the beers Native Americans had been making for hundreds of years before Columbus arrived. This sheet overviews the six major flavor profiles in craft beer. I’ve compiled a short list of beer education resources online, that I’ve used during my time as tour and education program manager at Drake’s Brewing. From traditional regions like Kansas City, St. Louis and Austin to lesser-known areas such as Hawaii and Kentucky, the brewers will make their case for whose is the best. The CraftBeer.com Beer & Food Course is a one-of-a-kind resource that provides all the knowledge culinary professionals need to pair beer and food. Part of CraftBeer.com’s mission is to help you learn about craft beer, so our website provides ample information. While specialty beer glassware isn’t essential, it has been proven to enhance appreciation of craft beer. Learn how to plan beer dinners, how to approach a test tasting, how to pick a theme, how to incorporate beer ingredients into your meal, and gain a better understanding of pairing practices, all while working through a three course mini-meal that is sure to impress and inspire. Some beer just keeps getting better with age. Schlafly Beer and Hardywood Park Craft Brewery share examples of both and provide suggested food pairings. Maintenance of used barrels is a beautiful art that brewers are having to relearn. He’s always been fascinated by the distinct types of heat that individual peppers impart on food. The Beer Hunter Archives. Ommegang brewer Eric Van Schoick discusses the collaboration with hop farmers and Cornell College to craft beers with hops from the brewery’s own back yard. Hear how a growing brewery can still manage to keep that small-town feel. The two breweries will share stories and traditions through regional foods and beers, explaining the differences between the two. Tour & Education Program Manager. This chart takes a look at common flavors people experience when tasting craft beer, what causes them, and if they should or shouldn’t be present in a particular beer style. Rural Cajun: Comparing Traditions through Beer, Allagash & Deschutes: Beers Inspired from Local Terroir, Sour Families: A Tasting of Sour Beers Aged in Different Spirits Barrels, A Collaboration of Barrel-Aged Wild and Sour Ales, The Evolution of Style: Vintage Tastings with Rogue & New Holland, Ninkasi Space Program: The Mission to Make Space Beer, Nitro Beers with Sam Adams founder Jim Koch. Beer Styles. The author, a Brit by the name of Ron Carrington, covers worldwide information, and it’s the kind of source that you can spend a few hours reading over and just lose track of time. This year, 10 craft breweries are participating in Hops for Heroes, including Center of the Universe Brewing Co., Cigar City Brewing, Fremont Brewing and Maui Brewing Company who will be at SAVOR to discuss the Hops for Heroes project and the importance of craft brewery collaborations for charity, and to sample various versions of the beer. CraftBeer.com Beer 101 Course From a comprehensive online course to helpful flashcards, the Cicerone Certification Program offers multiple tools to help you learn what’s required to pass the Certified Beer Server exam. The incredible growth of craft brewing in the U.S. and around the world has led to explosive demand for new hop varieties as well as high quality malted barley. In this video, CraftBeer.com's Andy Sparhawk describes a few of the most common types of beer glassware and how the glass enhances beer's flavors and aromatics. Your information will be erased and your published posts will be reassigned to the site's admin account. Join brewery owner and co-founder Patrick Conway as he provides a retrospective of craft beer over the last 30 years through story and beer. View and download the beer tasting worksheets now to learn more about beer and food pairings. Coronado Brewing Company and Stone Brewing are both celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2016, and have teamed up to brew a 20th-anniversary small-batch collaboration beer released at this SAVOR tasting salon. It’s a great opportunity to grow your knowledge and understanding of beer, before venturing back into the world. The course is produced by CraftBeer.com and published by the Brewers Association, the leading organization representing America’s small and independent breweries. There’s more to putting on a successful beer dinner than meets the eye. From beer service to beer tasting, the educational tools featured on the tabs below will help you expand your knowledge of craft beer. No worries. Download it now. Learn how to plan beer dinners, approach a test tasting, pick a theme, incorporate beer ingredients into your meal, and gain a better understanding of pairing practices. Each brewer will pair one of their beers with BBQ from a restaurant in their home region. The CraftBeer.com Beer and Food Course is a free resource that teaches students, professional chefs, restaurateurs and at-home chefs how to pair beer and food. Beer Serving Temperature Tips For Retailers Guide, Create Experiences with Beer & Food Pairings, How Chefs Can Lead in Beer and Food Pairing, Craft Beer & Cheese Interactions Guidelines, Pairings with The Red Hen & Country Boy Brewing, Flying Dog Brings the HEAT: An intimate look at how hot peppers are spicing up craft beer, Pairing Craft Beer with American Food: The Growth Years, Urban Creole vs. The result is Homefront IPA, a beer aged on Louisville Slugger maple bats, proceeds from the sales of which go to a military charity each year. The breweries will provide an exploration into the sour beer brewing process and sours’ unique flavor characteristics. If you're planning a meal around beer and food pairings, this menu development form is built to help. Join Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch and brewer Jennifer Glanville as they discuss the parallels and differences between red wine and beer when paired with food.

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