It passed the "lay on it in the position you sleep in for at least 10 minutes" test and the price is one I am comfortable paying. The Hybrid … Beautyrest’s entry into the online marketplace, the Black Original comes in a base model, cooling model and cooling/comfort model. The salesman (super helpful/no pressure) said they'll have a firm I-Series 100 in this week which he thought I might like based on what I was liking in the store. For example, the basic “Beautyrest” line is very lightweight, and is designed for kids. But overall, Beautyrest consumers are more satisfied with their products than the Sealy users.... Also, kudos to putting in effort and actually trying out mattresses before buying them! best. Both of those models will have about a 1lb PCF polyfoam comfort layer. ). Press J to jump to the feed. Beautyrest Hybrids. Beautyrest Black/Hybrid: Our original default choice, but second guessing after researching (seems like durability/sagging issues). Any comparable beds to these three I should be trying out elsewhere? The memory foam in it is 4 pcf. We’ve talked to the mattress experts at r/Mattress, caught 40 winks with the folks at r/sleep, and looked for the most long-lasting, durable options with the frugal folks at … I can easily push the mattress down and feel the springs as well. The major difference between the two comes down to feel. From my own research online, while sealy does have a lot of reviews for sagging, none of them appear to be specifically about the posturpedic. Plus I'm worried the Sealy will sag like so many horror stories I've read online! It sounds like you were liking the pocketed coil system to be honest. The guy working at the retailer said it had 13.75 gauge wire for the pocketed coils, I think it's 960 coils in the queen. A place to discuss anything to do with mattresses, mattress accessories, and sleep technology. Unbiased and detailed ratings are provided as well as several comparisons for popular brands including Tempur-Pedic Flex, Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid, Serta iSeries and Simmons Beautyrest Recharge and Black, and Sapira. My favorites that I tried were the BeautyRest Hartfield and BeautyRest Vinings, which I think were the cheapest in the store. However, both brands have received customer complaints regarding poor customer service and lack of durability. A place to discuss anything to do with mattresses, mattress accessories, and sleep technology. The Simmons Beautyrest has innerspring and hybrid mattresses that feature coils in their structure. Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Reviews. It is constructed with a cooling fabric cover, foam comfort system, and a support base of T3 pocketed coils. I don't know at all. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Especially if this is something that you plan to keep for 8+ years. Did you try the Alcove before buying it? Also, how long have you had the Clermont? I'm still torn on which brand to get but I am still leaning towards Beautyrest. I was nervous that I liked a mattress that seems to be poorly regarded. So, which one was it? What constitutes "a more durable comfort layer"? They BeautyRest Hybrid mattress is a spring and foam mattress A queen size retails for $1,299. Thankfully their return policy is good. I ended up going with a BRB alcove, returning it bc it was too firm for me, and swapped it for the BRB Clermont. What price point did they offer you the Jennings? Despite the poor quality foam it could still be a good fit for you, but it would be a much riskier proposition. I don't recall our first night - I don't think I was really wowed. Since it's been over a month, I suppose you already reached a decision. However, the other features depend on which product line you buy. Press J to jump to the feed. You'd be better off finding any other pocketed coil system with a more durable comfort layer. no comments yet. It is very interesting, what is the right price? The Beautyrest Black mattress line has won recent acclaim with its advertisements and celebrity endorsements. Sleep Like The Dead reviews and rates hybrid mattress beds based on over 1200 actual owner experiences. How much should the Jennings be? Your question of what may be the right price for this mattress? This at least gives me something to go on. Hey, thanks for the response. I honestly wonder if they use more durable foams for the floor models. Beautyrest Hybrid . The Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress is one of two direct-to-consumer mattress offerings from Simmons Bedding Co., with the other being the Beautyrest Black. Updated November 20, 2020. I went in expecting to want a hybrid bed, but I preferred these cheap ones to the $3500 hybrid they had. But for me looking at the specs I can get you something like that in my store (Simmons Beautyrest Silver Hybrid) for about $1799 with very comparable specs for the complete set and that's my everyday price. So just make sure you lay down for like 10 minutes on it and not be like me. It's literally as I've written this post (I haven't). Their mattresses are also sold in mattress stores across the U.S. All Beautyrest models have a cooling gel layer to absorb heat. TL;DR - I'm torn between a Sealy and a Beautyrest Black, please advise! My favorites that I tried were the BeautyRest Hartfield and BeautyRest Vinings, which I think were the cheapest in the store. Yo if anyone likes or wants a Beautyrest Black hybrid, I have the Jennings, gladney and alcove 50% off brand new!!!! Beautyrest Hybrid. The Beautyrest line includes two mattress models: the Beautyrest Hybrid mattress and the Beautyrest Black mattress. I had someone offer me one tonight for $4500. Where do you get this information on customer reviews? The Beautyrest Black mattress, which we’ll cover in this review, is considered to be the brand’s luxury mattress model. It has a medium firmness. If you like, I'll keep you updated on how the mattress feels.

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